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Ecommerce in Portugal grows above the European average

comércio eletrónico em Portugal
Ecommerce in Portugal grows above the European average in 2015.

According to recently data published by ACEPI in a partnership with Ecommerce Europe, the ecommerce in Portugal presents a higher growth comparing with European average.

This report shows that  Portugal had a growth of 15,7%, compared with the previous year, staying 2,4% above the European average growth, wich was 13,3%.

The same report reflects the existence of about 3,1 million online buyers in Portugal. The number of online buyers also has increased during the past few years.

With LUSOPAY, you can enhance even more your business growth. As several marketing studies prove, the more payment options you have in your online store, more sales you do.

Therefore, it becomes essential that online store owners provide several payment options, to allow customers to use their preferred payment gateway or the only one that they like.

LUSOPAY provides to your business the following payment services:

  • possibility to receive payments through Multibanco payment references (Portuguese local payment service)
  • possibility to receive payments through Payshop payment references (Portuguese local payment service)
  • possibility to receive or to make payments through a smartphone or Internet, with LUSOPAY Wallet (can be used in all European Union countries)

Frequently, we have merchants that only hire the Multibanco payment service and they don’t even think about other payment solutions. Here is some advice for those who are interested in growing their business: do not limit the payment options available to your customers! Specially when having more payment gateways is free, as in the case of payment services provided by LUSOPAY.

Good business to all! This is what we desire, wishing that ecommerce in Portugal maintains its growth tendency.

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