Multibanco and payshop

payments by multibanco referencesPayShop

Receive your payments through multibanco and payshop references.

Now, you can send invoices and benefit from this service without the high costs usually associated with these features either in your billing software, either in your online store.
These payments are very used in Portugal.

Online and mobile payments

payments by pc, tablet, smartphone with lusopay

LUSOPAY payment accounts allows you to make payments from your phone or computer.

The ideal solution for companies and individuals: no payment card association, with no payout limits and safe.

It is the fastest way to make payments and it is translated into 20 languages.

European money transfers

Make money transfers from your LUSOPAY account to bank accounts in SEPA (the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein and Iceland).

Wire transfers are free of charge or have very low costs, according to the selected tariff.

Cut the bank costs.

Stop using cards

Leave home only with your phone and enjoy yourself, without thinking of wallets and cards, banknotes and coins, in assaults or forgetfulness.

Live without worries, because now the phone is paying.

To pay by LUSOPAY Wallet is extremely easy.

1. Click at Sign up button and fulfill the form to open a LUSOPAY account.

2. Send money to your LUSOPAY account by bank transfer or using cash at a LUSOPAY agent.

3. Download our app to Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Amazon Fire.

4. Tell to the merchant that you want to pay by LUSOPAY and pay the bill using LUSOPAY app installed at your smartphone or tablet. Both, payee and merchant are informed of the payment success in real time.

There isn't cost linked to the payment for payee and the commission charged to the merchant is very low. This way, the payee has comfort when paying and, at the same time, helps companies to low their financial costs.

Android app for payments by Lusopay at google play store

Lusopay payments iOS app

Link to LUSOPAY app in amazon apps store

No limits for payments

With fees so low as LUSOPAY offers, there will be no thresholds to accept a LUSOPAY payment.

The merchant receives the payment, even if the bill is of a few cents, and the customer is not faced with the inconvenience of payment limits so common in shops and that hinder many low value purchases.

And as you know, a satisfied customer always comes back!


Check out our pricing and you'll see why we've doubled the number of transactions and customers in just 2 years.


The simplicity of procedures and close monitoring by this company allows us to rely on the transparency, support and competence of LUSOPAY .

patrick mendes
Patrick Mendes CEO/Interfranchising

We have some customers paying us by LUSOPAY. It is very intuitive and with real time payments. For Candeias & Associados , it is a very competitive way to receive the transfers of fees.

Ricardo Candeias
Ricardo Candeias Lawyer

For our female gym, to sign up to the LUSOPAY payment solutions was a winning bet. Our customers liked and our company increased the monthly payment options.

eugénia maia
Eugénia Maia Manager/Fisical

We are customers of LUSOPAY since 2007. The integration of LUSOPAY payments with our software, reduces administrative costs, allowing to focus on what matters: our service to our customers.

marca charib
Tânia Chaves Ribeiro Manager/CHARIB

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