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Modena Cam with Multibanco, Payshop and LUSOPAY Wallet

Modena Cam com referências Multibanco, Payshop e LUSOPAY Wallet
LUSOPAY payment services are now integrated with Modena Cam.

LUSOPAY and Modena Cam developed a payment gateway that will allow this software users:

  • to receive payments through Multibanco payment references (Portuguese local payment service)
  • to receive payments through Payshop payment references (Portuguese local payment service)
  • to receive and to make payments through a smartphone or Internet, with LUSOPAY Wallet (can be used in all European Union countries)

Why Multibanco?
This is the most used payment system by Portuguese (including in online payments). This market represented in 2015 a total of 1.416.700.000 transactions and the amount of € 57.300.000.000,00. Multibanco references can be paid through a portuguese ATM or by homebanking.

Why Payshop?
The Payshop references services can be interesting to your business, once that the users can pay for their purchases (load their accounts) by going to one of the over 4.000 Payshop agents (spread all over Portugal) and pay by cash. By this way, the payment can be anonymous.

Why LUSOPAY Wallet?
LUSOPAY Wallet might be the payment service with the lowest fees in European Union. LUSOPAY Wallet allows you to receive the payment and the payment notification in realtime. This is a safe, innovator way to receive payments. With no chargeback risk, and with costs per transaction significantly lower than comparing with credit cards.

Modena Cam is a software that allows you to create an adult and non adult videochat website and pay per minute portals.

With real time payments and notifications, LUSOPAY payment services can be very helpful to Modena Cam’s clients and to their business.

Modena Cam, between other features, offers:

  • the possibility to have a multi language and multi currency platform, with single or multi user chat
  • the possibility to create a goal based system and to follow up private chats statistics in real time
  • the possibility to customise the platform resorting to Modena Cam support team or by customizing yourself, once that Modena Cam offers PHP and Flash sources to any developer

For additional information about this software, please go to:

For additional information about LUSOPAY’s payment services, please go to:


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