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Multibanco and PayShop payment references for Prestashop

Did you know that LUSOPAY already has a free module to generate multibanco and payshop payment references for Prestashop?

That is true. Prestashop is an e-commerce software extremely effective, with a pleasant aesthetics and with great functionalities for your online store.

For a long time ago that LUSOPAY offers a module to generate multibanco and payshop payment references for Prestashop. Our module always allowed  the payment references generation and communicated them by email for the customer and for the retailer.

Recently, LUSOPAY made some changes to the module for Prestashop to allow the «callback» feature, this is, the possibility for the owner of a Prestashop online store to know that a multibanco and payshop reference was paid, with no need for the retailer or the online store manager to verify manually this payment. That is to say that, besides treating your revenues, we reduce your administrative work, creating notifications and status update from orders automatically!

We maintain the previous features, in other words, the email sending for the buyer and for the retailer with the reference to the multibanco and payshop reference generation, as well as its payment.

We did not removed functions from the module, we just added new features.

LUSOPAY is more than a payment operator, it is a business facilitator!

Below, we present our YouTube video where you can see how to setup our module, how it works, creating a multibanco and a payshop reference for payment, as well as changing the order status from «Awaiting Multibanco and/or PayShop payment» to «Multibanco and/or PayShop confirmed payment»

Regardless being extremely easy to install and setup, as you will see in the video below, we remember that LUSOPAY has a development team available to help you in any difficulty with the installation of our module in your Prestashop online store to accept multibanco and/or payshop references payments.



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