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Payments for emails and mobile phone numbers

Payments for email and phone number? How is that possible?

We explain it to you. With great pleasure LUSOPAY announces to all our customers that now is possible to send money, and with that making payments to email and mobile phone number.

The process is very easy.

For LUSOPAY customers, you can sign in LUSOPAY homebanking, click in «Finances» menu and then click in «External payment» that can be found in section «Payments» on the left side menu.

After that, you only need to choose if you want to make a payment to an email or to a mobile phone number. Then, write the receiver’s email or mobile phone number and the wanted value. You can still, if you want to, write a description. Click in «Submit». Your transaction PIN will be asked and that is it!

After payment order, the receiver will receive an email (in case of payment to email) or a text message (in case of payment for mobile phone number) with the information from whom he received the payment and with the information of how to receive it.

The procedure to take from whom receives this kind of payment is to sign in to LUSOPAY.


Pagamento para email ou número de telemóvel


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